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CAPITAL MARKETS - Comprehensive investment consulting and transaction services for institutional,corporate and private clients.

LAND AND DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITIES - Our Land and Development Opportunities department provides clients with wide range of services including site search, negotiation of terms - conditions,monitoring the permits,etc.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Project management may be defined as the averall planing,control and coordination of a project from inception to completion,aimed at meeting a clients requirements in order that the project may be completed on time,within authorized cost and to required quality standards.

INDUSTRIAL - Our team of specialists are dedicated to offering the best industrial and distribution property services.

RETAIL - Retail offers expert advice to both landlords and tenants ranging from small local retailers to major national and international brands.

MARKETING SURVEY - On the basis information on your aims, performances and consumers get and carry out market research bent especially on inquest intensity run on your performances and services.

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